Preparation is the key

Whether you’re new to cleansing or you’ve been around the cleansing block a few times, here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of this experience. Now these tips will not apply to everyone, as we are all different. So pick and choose what you think will work the best.



To get the most out of your juice cleanse, preparation is absolutely essential. Briefly say goodbye to those usual indulgences and unhealthy lifestyle habits. If you must, you can pick them all up again later. You can and should load up on fresh veggies and fruit a couple of days before you start your cleanse. You’ll thank us later. Keeping hydrated is a key element to a good cleanse so drink and keep drinking as much water as you can. Ditch the morning coffee and replace with a cup of herbal tea or warm water with a slice of lemon.



You’re on your way. Get ready to feel great. Keep these tips in mind to stay focused and on track to get the most out of your cleanse.

  • Smile – it’s not going to be that hard.
  • Keep hydrated – try and drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
  • Shake each juice very well before drinking & keep your juices refrigerated.
  • Your first juice should be the Kickstart. After that enjoy your juices in any order that suit you, but finish with the activated almond milk.
  • Consume your juices in 2 – 3hr intervals .
  • Take hot/cold showers.  Stand in a hot shower for two minutes followed by a 30 second cold shower.
  • You can still break a sweat but ease up on your usual work-out routine, replace with a couple of light walks to accelerate your lymphatic and circulatory systems.

The main goal of a juice cleanse is to abstain from solid food, however sometimes the urge to chew can be a little overwhelming or perhaps your just not feeling 100%. So make sure to listen to your body. If you’re going to eat, make the right choices. Acceptable cheat items include: a few celery stalks or cucumbers slices,  a quarter of an avocado, a few nuts or seeds.



Well Done! You have reset your detoxification system & by doing so your feeling great after giving you’re body an injection of nutrients & the rest that it needs.

You’re probably feeling very alert and energetic & won’t want to go back to you’re previous indulgences and bad habits. Well, try not to any way.

Depending on the length of your juice cleanse, you should now ease back into solid foods. Eat light, mostly raw plant-based meals as well as one or two juices daily for about three days. Keep hydrated & keep breathing & Repeat.