Why Press?

There’s juice, but then there is Cold Press Juice & the difference is how we do it. More often than not conventional juice found in your local supermarket is pasteurized – that is, it’s heated to a specific temperature for a specific time increasing the shelf life of the juice by up to 6 weeks. In doing so it’s eliminating any potentially harmful bacteria, but at the same time drastically reducing the amount of vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes normally found in fruit and vegetables.

What is Cold Press Juice?


Cold Pressed is the method by which the juice is extracted. Firstly the washed produce is pulperised as it’s pushed through a slow moving blade; the pulp then falls directly into a cotton bag, which is hung between the hydraulic press.  A herculean amount of pressure is applied, obtaining by force, Pressed Daily Juice.

This process preserves all of the produces natural sugars, vitamins, minerals and living enzymes. We then bottle our juice within minutes of being pressed before banging it straight into the fridge.

Pressed Daily – Cold Pressed Juice is never heated or pressurised,  has NO added preservatives, has NO added sugar and has a shelf life of 3 days. In other words our Cold Press juice contains far more natural sugars, vitamins, minerals & enzymes than juice made using any other method. Full Stop!